Bridget Joyce

Bridget Joyce, IR Major '14, is a co-recipient (along with Sophia Dent) of the Lehigh Libraries Student Research Prize.  Bridget's research paper entitled, "Muddied Waters: The crisis of the legal regime of the.cas2.ian Sea, the actors, and its impact on the global oil and natural gas industry" was a paper submitted for her IR 344, Politics of Oil course with Professor Barkey.  A quote from the Library Prize Coordinator:
Over forty papers were submitted for the prize, and these two papers were unanimously selected by the Prize review group. The use of library resources and integration of the resources are particular strengths for both papers. Reviewers remarked on the sophistication and expertise demonstrated by these undergraduates, and the use of very current and authoritative resources sets a standard for undergraduate research. It's wonderful to see students sho.cas2.d the best that our libraries have to offer in terms of the quality, depth, and currency of library resources at their fingertips.
Students will be recognized at a luncheon at Lehigh's annual writing symposium on April 18th.
Congratulations Bridget! 
March, 2013