Dinissa Duvanova

Associate Professor
206 Maginnes Hall

Interests : 

International and Comparative Political Economy
Political Economy of Corruption
Political Institutions
Regulatory Politics
Technology-enabled Forms of Political Participation
Politics of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia


IR098 Political Economy of Corruption

IR125 International Political Economy

IR323 Political Economy of Industrialization and Development




Publications : 



Building Business in Post-Communist Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Collective

Goods, Selective Incentives, and Predatory States (Cambridge University Press, 2013.


In 2014, the book was awarded the Ed A. Hewett Book Prize for outstanding publication on the political economy of Russia, Eurasia and/or Eastern

Europe. The book is now available in paperback.



Peer Reviewed Articles:


“Violent Conflict and Online Segregation: An Analysis of Social Network

Articles Communication Across Ukraine’s Regions,” Journal of Comparative Economics, (With Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy, Alexander Nikolaev, and Alexander       Semenov) Forthcoming.


“Do Social Networks Bridge Political Divides? The Analysis of VKontakte Social

Network Communication in Ukraine,” Post-Soviet Affairs, (With Alexander

Nikolaev and Alexander Semenov), May 2015.


“Policy Responsiveness of Post-Communist Governments,” Journal of

Self-Governance and Management Economics, (With Sooh-Rhee Ryu), September



“Economic Regulation, Red Tape, and Bureaucratic Corruption,” World

Development, July 2014.


“Bureaucratic Discretion and Regulatory Burden: Business Environment under

Alternative Regulatory Regimes,” British Journal of Political Science, July 2012.


“Firm Lobbying vs. Sectoral Organization: The Analysis of Business-State

Relations in Post-Communist Russia,” Post-Soviet Affairs, October-December



“Bureaucratic Corruption and Collective Action: Business Associations in the

Post-Communist Transition,” Comparative Politics, July 2007.


“Legislative Accountability in a New Presidential Democracy: Analysis of the

Single Member District Elections to the Russian State Duma,” Europe-Asia

Studies, (With Jakub Zielinski), December 2005.


Book Chapter:

“Business Representation in Eastern Europe: The Failure of Corporatism?” in

Interest Groups Lobbying: Europe, Conor McGrath, ed. (Edwin Mellen Press),



Opinion pieces:

“Will Russia's economic turmoil affect its foreign policy?” Washington Post, Monkey Cage (12/18/2014)

What does Boris Nemtsov's murder mean for Russia?” Washington Post, Monkey Cage (3/2/2015)

Divide the Minds, Conquer the Land: How the War in Donbas Segregates the Nation,” VoxUkriane (8/10/2015)