Emily Poche

Class Year: 

Lehigh University International Relations - Emily Poche Lehigh in Paris

Study Abroad Experience: 

When I was still trying to turn my undeclared major into something more specific, I did one of Lehigh's faculty led study abroad programs. It was a great introduction to studying abroad, very moderately paced and not an immersion program, While it's not the same as a semester long program, it was perfect for someone undecided or testing out international experience. It definitely gave me a taste of study abroad, and helped me decide that yes, I do want to spend a semester in another country. Besides that it was probably the formative moment in my college career that helped me decide on my majors; French and IR. I would recommend it to anyone who wants multiple abroad experiences or who is unsure of whether study abroad is for them. It's a great starter program that can help you decide whether or not you'd be able to handle the commitment and intensity of a semester long program.

Abroad & Internship Pictures: