Featured Research

Norrin Ripsman

1) Norrin M. Ripsman, Peacemaking from Above, Peace from Below: States, Societies, and Peacemaking Between Regional Rivals (Cornell Studies in Security, Cornell University Press, 2016);

2) Norrin M. Ripsman, Jeffrey W. Taliaferro and Steve E. Lobell, Neoclassical Realist Theory of International Politics (Oxford University Press, 2016);

3) Steve E. Lobell and Norrin M. Ripsman, eds., The Political Economy of Regional Peacemaking (University of Michigan Press, 2016).

Covers and Websites: http://norrinmripsman.com/home.html


Eric Fleisch

Fleisch, Eric. "Can Trump seize opportunity to be great for America?" The Morning Call, 18 Nov. 2016 [Allentown, PA].