George S. Kounoupis

After Lehigh, I attended Temple Law, JD '87; and Athens U. Second, Greek Law Degree.  I have the largest US-Greek International Legal Practice in the world.  I co-chair the ABA Lawyers Abroad Committee;  I am the ABA Liaison to Greece; and I author the BNA International Law Treatise on Greece.  I am the former counsel to the Greek Embassy; and Legal counsel to the Green American Chamber of Commerce.  I have been selected as super lawyer in International Law by Philadelphia Magazine, etc.  I learned to write and think in the classrooms of Professors Slouka, Joynt and Harrison.  Professor Harrison especially guided my writing.  This put me ahead of the pack in law school.  I cannot over emphasize the importance of a broad arts education - because technical and factual knowledge is not as critical as the ability to communicate and connect across cultures and ideas.  There is also no substitute for immersion in foreign cultures.  In International Law, such a failure can cause the failure of a major deal.  I would be happy to speak to the students, recent graduates, etc.  Also the ABA International Law section has internship programs which I am familiar with.

International Relations