IR Majors' Study Abroad Experiences

Lehigh University International Relations - Benjamin Mattern Herzen Pedagogical Institute, Russia
Herzen Pedagogical Institute , St. Petersburg , Russia

It was a fantastic experience because for four months I studied the Russian language, culture, and politics, saw historic buildings and monuments, traveled around the country, and made lifelong...

Lehigh University International Relations - Lauren Maxfield Study Abroad
University of Cape Town , Cape Town , South Africa
It was the most amazing semester and I'm so happy I took the opportunity to go somewhere new that I might not have ever visited otherwise. There's so much to do, from beaches, hiking, seeing...
Lehigh University International Relations - Shannon Nelson School for International Training Ecuador
School for International Training (SIT) , Quito , Ecuador

Studying abroad in Ecuador has changed my worldview in a crucial manner, and I realize that I will leave this country a different person then the one that entered. I would recommend this program...

Lehigh University International Relations - Emily Poche Lehigh in Paris
TBA , Paris , France

When I was still trying to turn my undeclared major into something more specific, I did one of Lehigh's faculty led study abroad programs. It was a great introduction to studying abroad, very...

Lehigh University International Relations - Victoria Langsdorf Study Abroad
TBA , Prague , Czech Republic

I loved everything about my semester abroad. CIEE is a great program because it immerses you into the culture and way of life of the Czechs. My courses offered me the opportunity to see world...

Lehigh University International Relations - Sonia Aviv Study Abroad
CIEE Charles University , Prague , Czech Republic

The CIEE program is very effective in terms of integrating students with the Czech culture. Students are required to take Czech language classes, and are also forced to take trips outside of...

Vanderbilt in France , Aix-en Provence , France

Aix-en-Provence is like living in a dream. Every day I'm stunned by the beauty of La Provence, and could not have asked to study abroad in a more magical place. The Vanderbilt in France program...

The Catholic University of Peru , Lima , Peru

I was located in the capital city of Lima, where I commuted daily to a Peruvian university. This was an incredible program because it provided complete cultural and language immersion and provided...

, Paris , France

For the 2018/2019 school year I was fortunate to be able to study in Paris, France. Language immersion was my main goal...