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Joint IR/MLL Major


The multidisciplinary Joint IR/MLL Major is offered jointly by the Department of International Relations (IR) and the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL).  The program, which offers a Bachelor of Arts, incorporates courses from both IR and MLL, as well as electives from a broad cross-section of other departments, for a challenging program that requires overseas study, language facility, and undergraduate research.

International Relations courses (6 courses/24 credits)
IR010 Introduction to World Politics (4)

Any three of the following courses:

IR100 Methods and Research Design (4)
IR210 Foreign Policy (4)
IR220 Globalization and World Politics (4)
IR225 International Political Economy (4)
IR234 Great Power Politics (4)
IR235 International Security (4)
IR236 Causes of War (4)
IR237 National Security (4)
IR245 International Organization (4)

Two IR advanced courses numbered 300-387 (except IR 307) or IR393 (8)

Modern Languages and Literature Courses

16 credits in one language, either Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, French (above the level of French 2), German (above the level of German 2), and Spanish (above the level of Spanish 2)

 Two culture courses from an approved list or in consultation with the MLL advisor (6-8)

Capstone project: IR389 / MLL389 (4)
A research project on international politics that will include original research in at least one foreign language under the joint supervision of an adviser in IR and one in the relevant language in MLL.

Study Abroad

One (1) semester or more in an approved Lehigh program


Three electives from an approved list (10-12)

Electives may include any MLL course except MLL 300 and any IR course except IR002, IR 019, IR072, IR074, IR090, IR 118/119, IR127, IR 307, IR388, IR 389, and IR391, including additional core courses or advanced courses beyond requirements (note that IR390, IR392, and IR394 are variable credit).

Electives may also include courses from the departments of Sociology and Anthropology, Economics, English, History, Political Science, Religion, and/or programs in Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Global Citizenship, Latin American and Latino Studies, Sociology and Social Psychology, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, or other courses as approved by IR/MLL advisor.  (Courses must be chosen from at least two departments or programs.)     

 Total Credits 60-64

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