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Intellectual Integrity - All international relations majors should receive a copy of this document when they declare their major. There are also copies on the Department web site and on many course web sites. 

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities - If you have a disability for which you are requesting accommodations, please contact both your instructor and the Office or Academic Support services as early as possible in the semester.  You must have documentation from the Disabilities Support Services Office (Williams Hall 301, 610-758-4152) before accommodations can be granted.  Students must provide seven (7) days notification for any specific requested accommodation.

Honors Thesis - International relations majors with senior standing may undertake an intensive, two-semester project under the direct guidance of a faculty member in the student's special area of interest. Students who successfully complete the thesis and whose GPA in the major at the time of graduation is 3.5 or higher receive Departmental Honors.

Major GPA - A student’s International Relations grade point average (GPA) is the highest GPA that can be calculated from any set of courses sufficient to complete the major, plus grades from IR 388, if any.