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Model United Nations

With the wave of democracy sweeping the nations of the world, the Model United Nations offers students an excellent means to give practical expression to democratic practices in a multiracial, multicultural and multilateral setting.

The Model UN program's educational objectives constitute an important learning experience for each participating student. The Model UN links academic learning to self-actualization through an experiential process, thus, reinforcing and integrating intellectual concepts in the education of each student. The end product of the Model UN experience is young people who are knowledgeable, conscientious and concerned citizens; who better understand social change through democratic institutions and systems; and who appreciate the perspectives of others.

Through the Model United Nations, students actively acquire and synthesize life skills needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. By preparing and participating in simulations of the United Nations, students develop and use critical thinking skills to gain a global perspective on issues confronting the world community. Students further develop their leadership and communication abilities and learn to empathize with people of diverse countries, cultures and viewpoints.

Every Spring semester the World Affairs Club, in cooperation with the International Relations Department, sends a Lehigh delegation to the National Model United Nations in New York City.